The restlessness that had been eating away at me to commemorate grandfather Tom's achievements was getting to a pitch and something had to be done, but what and how? My first thought was to contact Mike Barry the first Irishman to reach the South Pole and luckily a Kerry resident. Mike suggested a couple of potential ideas but importantly gave us a contact with Skip Novak boat owner skipper and mountaineer working in the lower latitudes. We also listened to many helpful suggestions from others with experience of the Antarctic including the Scott Polar Research Institute to join them as part of their centenary celebrations, however we felt that using a small sailing boat to cross the Southern Ocean from the Falklands would be more in keeping with the spirit of Shackleton's open boat sail to South Georgia from Elephant Island. Finally after a couple of years pontificating we settled on a plan from Skip Novak to commemorate the centenary of the first crossing of South Georgia by Shackleton, Crean and Worsley.